Friday, November 23, 2007

Labor Day National Holiday Should Be Cancelled Until Work Ethic Improves

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Most people believe that Labor Day is a deserved holiday and that tribute should be given to America's workers. Indeed, many people work very hard, but not all. It is somewhat interesting that a recent United Nation's study showed that the US workforce was the most productive in the world. Yet, as a former employer, I must say I was completely underwhelmed with lack of work ethic. Additionally, why do people feel entitled to this holiday and pat on the back?

Much of the US productivity comes from information systems, machines, robotics and computers. It comes from maintained highways, clean environment, good education and smart people who run these companies, and not solely the labor force itself; and is the labor force really that good? I would submit to you that it is not based on my 5,000 hours of study on this subject.

Why you ask? Well we have a huge drug problem in the US, we have Unions doing work slow downs and making outrageous demands and lobbying politicians to make laws to give them the edge, so they can perform less and get more than the rest of us. Thus, taking advantage of the system. Do those who take advantage of the system deserve more? Well they say they do and will cuss you out if you disagree with them.

If a Union Worker is asked to work on Labor Day, they get triple time pay. Indeed, they should work for free out of respect to the Nation on that holiday, not take the day off. Sincerely, Lance.

By L. Winslow

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