Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kiss Nudie Jeans

Well, caption, my caption, where shall we go? Oh, I will go shopping, you said to me. But what on earth are you going to buy? You want buy nudie jeans. The answer is very clear. Nudie, just nudie. Can we talk a little more about? Of course, you said. Stop here.

You want shop online? Oh, god, me too. That's very convenient for us. I happen to know an online boutique called, someone said it will be the next generation online shopping boutique. I've no idea about this, but I hope so. Because they really satisfied me.

Ok, what do they have? Of course, nudie jeans. What's more, seven for all mankind just for you, right? So do I. Well, we have a lot in common. So why not shop together? What do you say?
(This is a sponsored review)

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Anonymous said...

Two of my favorite denim brands i was always wondering why some denim cost so much but after spending a lil extra on Nudie Jeans i know why now !